10 Deadliest Gun States May Be A Wake Up Call

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Saturday’s massacre is a stark reminder that we need to be ready for whatever life may throw at us.?? I never have been one to fully support the use of guns, but over the past 10 years I’ve noticed a good number of innocent citizens getting killed.

Which poses the all important question, should we be carrying guns??? I think we should be able to carry a weapon and I know that what I’m saying is not going to be agreed upon by many different organizations who stand against using guns.

I think before a person starts carrying a gun around with them, they need to be properly trained in how to use the gun effectively and only for protection.?? Growing up as a child, I remember watching westerns and picturing myself being a gunslinger for fun.?? In the times of the old West, almost everyone back then either carried a gun or had one at home.?? I realize we are not living in the old West anymore, but we do have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves.

Does carrying guns give us the right to do whatever we want? No!?? Does carrying guns make us safer??? Maybe it does!?? One thing I’ve noticed with every massacre shooting in America is that most of the innocent people that were killed, might have been able to defend themselves if they had a gun and the proper training.?? Even the use of martial arts is not highly effective, when someone can shoot you from 20 feet away.?? The Arizona shooting is just another reminder that we need to have a plan or we are going to be sitting ducks.

Let’s take a look at the top ten deadliest gun states below:

1. Mississippi Gun deaths per 100,000: 18.3 Permissive gun laws: 4th out of 50

2. Arizona Gun deaths per 100,000: 15 Permissive gun laws: 1st out of 50

3. Alaska Gun deaths per 100,000: 17.6 Permissive gun laws: 11th out of 50

4. Arkansas Gun deaths per 100,000: 15.1 Permissive gun laws: 7th out of 50

5. Louisiana Gun deaths per 100,000: 19.9 Permissive gun laws: 23rd out of 50

6. New Mexico Gun deaths per 100,000: 15 Permissive gun laws: 6th out of 50

7. Alabama Gun deaths per 100,000: 17.6 Permissive gun laws: 27th out of 50

8. Nevada Gun deaths per 100,000: 16.2 Permissive gun laws: 22nd out of 50

9. Montana Gun deaths per 100,000: 14.5 Permissive gun laws: 10th out of 50

10. Wyoming Gun deaths per 100,000: 14.5 Permissive gun laws: 8th out of 50

My question to you is, should we all be able to carry guns in public??? Do you feel safe where you live??? Have you ever felt threatened and wanted to purchase a gun for your own safety?

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