1984′s The Mutilator Movie – By Sword, By Pick, By Axe, Bye Bye

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This is one of the great slasher films of the 80′s that should be added to every horror movie collectors VHS library.  I believe there was some talk with director Buddy Cooper about this movie having a DVD release through CODE RED, but it’s been years later and still no DVD release!

This movie was cheesy, but it had some great moments.  The Mutilator Movie is another one of those movies that is obscure, but thanks to online horror communities and forums, more people have become aware of this great slasher flick. I’m literally crossing my fingers that someday this movie will get a DVD or Blu-Ray release.

This spine tingling chiller is the harrowing tale of five high school students whose dream vacation of a fun filled holiday at the beach becomes a nightmare when they are stalked by The Mutilator.  Ed, a likable high school student, busily discusses vacation plans with his friends when he receives a message from his father asking that he close up the summer house at the beach.

While his friends feel that it’s the perfect opportunity for a vacation, Ed is uneasy about the request, as his father has never quite forgiven him for the accidental shooting of his mother.  When the group arrived at the summer house they discover Ed’s father’s collection of bizarre weapons.

To add to their anxieties there is the ever present feeling that they are being watched. Suddenly, Ed’s house guests begin to meet bizarre deaths, each one more grisly than the next, The Mutilator is saving the best for last…the best for Ed.  This movie was distributed in the mid-80s by one of my favorite companies of all time Vestron Video!

Their horrifying vacation was no day at the beach, but it sure did make a fine slice of 80s cheese.  As more and more people want to see The Mutilator have a DVD release, it might just happen, but hopefully it won’t be 10 years from now!  It’s always good to see such companies as Blue-Underground, CODE RED and Synaspe Films bringing out of print horror movies to life on DVD or Blu-Ray!

On a side note, if you want the unrated/uncut edition on VHS make sure that the box cover art has a black background, because if it has a blue background, then you have the cut version.  I want to thank Buddy Cooper for writing, directing and producing The Mutliator.  Some names we all might recognize from this movie are Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Frances Raines, Bill Hitchcock, Pamela Weddle Cooper, Morey Lampley, Connie Rogers, Trace Cooper, and a special appearance by Ben Moore.

Grade: B

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! The Mutilator is a GREAT flick that deserves a true DVD release. Hopefully it happens soon!!

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