A Nightmare On Elm Street Still Makes The Cut

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After all these years A Nightmare On Elm Street is still popular and the series has a solid cult following.?? I can remember seeing A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors from 1987 at the Winter Garden theater in Jamestown New York.

It was a scary dark dream-like experience that kept me on the edge of my seat in the movie theater.?? I literally was blown away by the special effects back then and the movie poster looked fantastic.?? I really do miss being a teenager in the 80′s, because the music and the movies were simply the best.

I ended up enjoying the movie so much that I actually made a pair of Freddy Krueger gloves and scared my friends half to death.?? No horror movie ever had made such a powerful impact on me as A Nightmare On Elm Street and I’m thankful Wes Craven came up with such a creative and creepy collection of films.

A Nightmare on Elm Street, is on my list of the most terrifying motion pictures of them all, and among the most frightening from the 1980′s. Additionally, it unveiled among the most gruesome bad guys of them all, Freddy Krueger, first among the list of quintessential boogeymen you are aware of and one of the most memorable horror characters ever created for the silver screen.

Wes Craven introduced us to probably one of the most horrifying concepts in the horror film industry at the time.?? What can take place should your bad dreams or nightmares end up becoming true??? What makes this movie so powerful, unlike many other horror movies today is, that sleep is unavoidable and the next thing you know you could be dreaming or are you????? Very much like lucid dreaming, this movie delves into the idea of not immediately being aware you are dreaming, until things start going crazy and then you realize you are in a dream.

Wes Craven and Robert England who played Freddy Krueger, brought this creative killer to life on the big screen.?? I’ve enjoyed every one of the “A Nightmare On Elm Street” movies and they bring back fond memories of the 80′s.?? Unfortunately, the new “A Nightmare On Elm Street” of 2010 was not to my liking and as far as remakes go it flopped!?? This just goes to show, that most horror movies should not be remade by Hollywood.

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