Alexandra Wallace – UCLA Student Anti-Asian YouTube Video REMIX Song

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Alexandra Wallace – UCLA student anti-Asian YouTube video REMIX song. A video has gone viral on YoutTube and it’s got a lot folks talking. The original video of Alexandra Wallace’s rant has stirred up a lot of emotions in the YouTube comments.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Alexandra Wallace issued a statement to the UCLA campus newspaper on Monday, where she apologized to the “whole UCLA campus.”

The trouble with YouTube is once you put a video up and others get a hold of it, there may be no way of stopping it from going viral.

YouTube can be a fun place to post videos, but once you start posting videos talking about how you feel about something, you have to be-careful, because who knows what someone is going to do with that video. Alexandra Wallace talked about how she wanted peace and quiet in the library, but did not get it, so she decided to vent her frustrations on YouTube, which has become a forum for people who need to get something off their chest, so to speak.

In her video she rants about an Asian person talking on the phone in the library and then she does her own Asian impression, which completely backfires, but has now turned into a remix with a good beat. Alexandra’s video rant is now the focus of many online newspapers.

The “Asians in The Library” video has a new remix song and it’s gaining more views by the minute. When someone does something crazy in YouTube, it will either become a parody or the hottest new remix song that is uploaded to someone’s iPod. Check out the video below to hear the remix.

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