Alien Abduction Stories – Are They Real?

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Are You Ready To be Abducted By Aliens?

Alien abduction stories – are they real? Alien abductions have been reported all over the world and the movie “The Fourth Kind” got a lot of people talking online, but are these abductions really occurring or is there a simple explanation for all of these unusual experiences.

Both “Fire in the Sky” and “The Fourth Kind” really frightened some audiences and made people think about whether or not it was possible to be abducted by aliens. Alien abduction movies have showed instances of humans being probed and other unsightly invasions of personal privacy.

Alien abduction stories almost always sound like some kind of dark nightmare where the victims can not see everything clearly, but yet they can feel their body being examined by an unearthly technology. Are these lucid dreams that have turned into nightmares or is it the result of mixed medications having a bad effect on the individual’s psyche? Countless numbers of curious people every day are looking for true alien abduction stories.

Where is the alien abduction proof? The only thing we have at this time for so-called proof are alien abducted videos, which can be very entertaining and creepy, but are they telling the truth? If there was an alien life form and it did visit earth, what would be its purpose? Would they seek to colonize our world like the movie Battle: Los Angeles (2011) or would they seek to be our friends and help our planet? Watch the video below and make up your own mind about alien abductions. Fact or fiction?

>> Touched – Alien Abduction and the Extreme Experience Research of Dr. John Mack at this link.

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