Amish Country in Upstate New York is a Great Way to Relax

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Many visitors come from all over to visit the Amish country in Upstate New York.  The Amish have a hard working peaceful atmosphere of what seems to be a strong family unit.

In today’s society when we go through hard times we might call on family and friends for help, but what makes the Amish different is, they have a whole community who can help at a moments notice.

One of the things I happen to like about the Amish is their simple lifestyle.  The Amish that I’ve personally known are friendly and always smiling in the South Dayton area.  Another point I would like to make is, I’ve never met an Amish that did not say hi to me or wave hello, they really are the nicest people you will ever meet.

In our world we stress over getting to work on time through congested traffic and may even stress more at our jobs.  If you are seriously looking for a fun time and one where you can momentarily escape your fast paced existence, then I would suggest visiting the back roads of South Dayton, New York to view the Amish homes and the beautiful countryside.

Just driving around the back roads of South Dayton, New York is very relaxing and you might even see an Amish buggy or two.  You can even buy baked goods, quilts, hand-crafted wood products and much more.  This really is an experience that you will want to do again and again.

Visiting with the Amish who surround the South Dayton, New York area is something I personally look forward to and it’s a great way to get away from it all.

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