Beau Garrett Is Making Her Mark In Hollywood

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Beau Garrett was initially employed by GUESS in the late 1990′s. She’s presently a spokesmodel for Revlon makeup products, together with Halle Berry and Eva Mendes, she also has modeled for Double D Ranch and CosmoGirl.

After working a majority of the ’90s being a showcased model for GUESS, Beau Garrett has created an even cross over through the lustrous realm of art print towards the shining platforms of movie theater and tv. Ok, perhaps not flawlessly smooth, but she appeared great when executing it. Although her earlier Television jobs integrated the unsuccessful series Head Cases and the failed Rocky Point, she has kept right on working with other projects.

She had a very remarkable and sensual part on Entourage.  I’ll confess, I had no clue who Beau Garrett was until just lately. However, I noticed her appearing on “The Rachel Zoe Project” and was mesmerised by her fashionable, trouble-free style and influence.  Beau Garrett is among the most breathtaking females in Hollywood and she is completely voluptuous!

Garrett started her performing profession with an assisting part in the tourists-on-vacation slasher movie “Turistas” and “Made of Honor.”  Now she’s set up to really make it huge, having a part within the impending highly anticipated follow up to the “TRON: Legacy.”  I am anticipating major things out of this natural beauty from California.  I recently went to see TRON Legacy and it was good, but seeing Beau Garrett was worth the price of the movie ticket.

Roles in Turistas, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Made of Honor have provided Beau Garrett an attempt at motion picture fame and the opportunity to work with celebrities like the drop-dead gorgeous Olivia Wilde, Josh Duhamel, Chris Evans, the stunning Jessica Alba, and the amazing Patrick Dempsey. Now preparing for the movie Kalamity and also the sci-fi follow up TRON 2.  Incidentally, Kalamity is supposed to be a startling psychological thriller directed by James Hausler.  Garrett, is simply starting to put her very own imprint on Hollywood’s walk of fame.

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