Best Hot Dog Vendor in NYC for Sauerkraut

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Best hot dog vendor in NYC for sauerkraut. Some may say it’s better to go eat somewhere nice and cozy, but sometimes you are in a hurry and you need some food fast. Maybe you are in a hurry because you are running late for your job and your stomach is grumbling. You really only have one quick choice and that is the best hot dog vendor in NYC.

Maybe you’ve been partying all night and the next day you are broke, except for the $3 in your pocket. Your best choice is the the NYC hot dog vendor. It may still be possible to purchase a delicious NYC hot dog with spicy mustard and sauerkraut at this location for only $2, now folks, that’s what I call living!

Why should you load your hot dog with sauerkraut? Sauerkraut may help boost your immune system. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals! Sauerkraut contains life-giving phytochemicals that are created during the fermentation process. Eating a hot dog with sauerkraut is possibly a great way to protect the balance of bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.

If you have an upset stomach sauerkraut may bring relief, because sauerkraut contains a high proportion of lactic acid, which may naturally support the digestive processes, maintain intestinal flora, and improve feelings of well-being. If you want some sauerkraut for home, then simply pick up a bag of Frank’s Quality Kraut, 2 lb at Walmart.

You can find this hot dog vendor on the Upper East Side at the corner of 69th St and Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10021. Unfortunately, hot dog vendors come and go, so there may or may not be someone at this location or they could have moved on, but for many who have been starving to death with an upset stomach, it is an oasis of pure eating pleasure. Just think, today you learned about the amazing virtues of sauerkraut.

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