Buffalo Bills Pick Up Their First Win Against The Lions

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Are you a Buffalo Bills fan who finds yourself crossing your fingers and toes each time the Buffalo Bills play another team.  Over the past weekend the Buffalo Bills amazingly beat the Detroit Lions 14 – 12.

The game really kicked into high gear when Buffalo Bills player Fred Jackson gained an incredible 133 yards on 25 carries and he also scored one touchdown.  The Buffalo Bills have a lot of potential and if they keep having Fred Jackson run the ball, they may continue to see more wins.

The real question is can the bills keep the momentum going?  Will the bills be able to avoid those costly mistakes of their previous games?  One thing we have to keep in mind is, Detroit did not play a very good game and the bills have a long hard path ahead of them.

When the Buffalo Bills go up against a talented team, they may find themselves in trouble.  Many critics of the Bills say that it will take a lot more talent for them to start winning on a regular basis. If you have been a hard-core Buffalo Bills fan for many years, it’s imperative that you enjoy this great moment, because who knows when you will see the next win.

Frustrated Bills fans can hope for the best as Buffalo goes up against the Bengals.  Go Bills!

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