Case 39 Movie Review Is Suspenseful With Jodelle Ferland

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I just watched “Case 39″ through Amazon’s Video On Demand last night and I knew very little out the movie, which made it a lot of fun to watch the movie.

The movie centers around a social worker who saves a young 10-year-old girl from being abused by her family or so we think.?? As the movie goes on you begin to find out that this girl is not as innocent as she acts, but turns out to be an evil nightmare for Renee Zellweger.

I watch a good number of horror movies and suspense thrillers, but I had no idea that this movie would be any good.?? What I liked the most about this movie is, that it created a creepy atmosphere all the way to the end of the movie, although I would have liked a better darker ending.

I did notice that this movie was extremely predictable and Jodelle Ferland plays a basic young girl with simple performing methods, then her persona needed to display.?? I did not think Renee Zellweger was the best choice to play a social worker in this movie, but she did exhibit a feeling of being threatened by the young girl convincingly.?? I thought the storyline was good, because in the beginning it makes you feel sympathetic for the young girl and then it turns into a twisted plot.

I would not categorize this movie as a horror movie, but I would say it is an entertaining and suspenseful thriller.?? I thought the little girl did a fantastic job of playing the victim card, although many parts of the movie were predictable.?? Jodelle Ferland played the evil little child in such a way where at times it was unnerving and watching Renee Zellweger going crazy was unsettling as well.?? This move falls along the lines of some other great and creepy thrillers such as The Omen, the ever popular Children of the Corn, and one spooky flick called The Ring.

Although there are many different components within the screenplay of this film that we’ve all seen before, it really does produce a chilling effect unlike many of the thrillers coming out lately.?? Unfortunately, the story does lack authenticity, but I am going to grade it a “B” because it was entertaining.?? Is there anything memorable about this movie??? No, but there is a fair amount of tension that will keep you on the edge of your seat and glued to the screen.?? If you’re looking for a good time, then you may want to think twice about adopting Jodelle Ferland as a loving parent.

Grade: B

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