Cemetery Man Movie Review with Rupert Everett 1994

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Cemetery Man is a Real Keeper!

Cemetery Man movie review with Rupert Everett. This is a zombie film you can literally fall in love with and if you don’t own it on DVD shame on you! Rupert Everett gave a fine performance in this undead film about undying love. For you horror buffs, you may recognize this movie under another title called Dellamorte Dellamore.

Cemetery Man is a movie that not too many film fans are aware of and is therefore an obscure film. There are forums and online horror communities where you may hear about it, but it’s not mentioned very often online, which is surprising considering the high quality of this film.

Rupert Everett plays Francesco Dellamorte, who is the care-taker of a cemetery in Italy. This just happens to be a cemetery where the dead don’t stay underground, but arise as the living dead walking the earth. Anyone who has not had the pleasure of seeing this film is going to kick themselves, if they like well made zombie movies, because this is sure to be a classic.

Francesco Dellamorte leads a lonely life, until he meets a woman of mystery and has intimate relations with her. Everett’s performance in this movie is brilliantly cynical and sarcastic. If you have seen Everett in other films, drop what you are doing right now and see him in this one.

Cemetery Man is cool, original, surreal and it has the most amazing Gothic atmosphere in film to date. This horror film has great scenery and acting that will not disappoint you. If you have friends who are looking for a bloody good horror film that won’t insult their intelligence, then you will surprise them with this little hidden gem. Sick and tired of the horror movies Hollywood is re-making? You are not alone, so grab this one today and wash the tears away!

Grade: A

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