Charlie Sheen is Winning with Ustream and Bottled TigerBlood

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Charlie's Korner Photo Courtesy of Ustream

Charlie Sheen is winning with Ustream and bottled TigerBlood.?? Sheen has the media eating out of the palm of his hand at this point, but how long will it last?

Charlie has hit Twitter with a vengeance and got tons of followers lighting fast! All we keep hearing these days is Charlie, Charlie, Charlie and more Charlie!

Charlie Sheen is reaching out through Twitter, I mean Twitter marketing, and many people are jumping on the Sheen train wreck, but why?

Is it because we like seeing a man’s career go up in smoke or are we waiting for Charlie Sheen to enter rehab? There is no way this can keep going on for Charlie the way it has been and thousands of people online say they really don’t care about Charlie and he gets what he deserves.?? As Charlie’s life is spinning out of control, he will do whatever it takes to stay in the spotlight, even if it means talking about the tiger blood running through his veins.

Charlie’s logic has shot out the window and winning is not about losing a high paying job on TV. Charlie had it made in the shade with the money he was making with Two and a Half Men. Charlie’s latest publicity stunt is using Ustream to get people in his corner, but if you have watched the video you will see a man rambling at length about nonsense.

Look around online and you will see some people saying, “Charlie Sheen Is My Hero.” There is a Facebook page and some websites with praise and admiration for the old Two and a Half Men star. Do these sites still think Charlie Sheen is their hero? Are they on the Charlie Sheen drug?

Charlie Sheen has taken the Hollywood drama to a whole new level and he has beat out Lindsay Lohan for Twitter followers and overall media coverage, so I guess in that respect Charlie is winning, if you want to call it winning. Lohan currently as of March 6th 2011 has 1,728,688 followers, while the amazing Charlie Sheen currently has 1,810,129 followers. Like anyone really cares right? The only thing that may be interesting on the Ustream show with Charlie is that TigerBlood. For all you UFC fans, let’s get ready to see Charlie in the Octagon Cage Match of Ustream!

If you are watching Charlie’s Korner, then Charlie’s winning! Learn how Charlie likes to take things Beyond The Law at this link.

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