Christopher Nolan’s Films Make Movie Watching Exciting Again

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One name is being talked about all over the Internet and it’s Christopher Nolan.  I must confess, that I am a Nolinite (a follower of Nolan that I made up or at least I think I did?) because this man has ignited a wondrous spark in Hollywood of pure cinematic genius!

Great film making, directing, casting, and a musical score that will take your breath away, that is what Mr. Nolan brings to the table.  Let’s take a quick look at the Batman concept and the brilliance of Inception.

Christoper Nolan has talked and now we can all quit mentioning to another the next motion picture as “Untitled Batman Undertaking.” The specific up coming Batman motion picture is “The Dark Knight Rises.”  Movie director Christoper Nolan with his fantastic co-screenwriter and brother Jonathan Nolan get why these character types are so intriguing and thus legendary.

They know very well what individuals who examine comics have recognized for many years and there are absolute depths to become discovered within the realm of comic book superheros.  Movie director Christoper Nolan, who co-authored the movie together with his sibling, has constructed possibly the most effective of all of the superhero motion pictures. The Dark Knight is a deep, fully developed and powerfully graphic film, assisted by stunning tricks and effects, along with a an exceptional cast, led by Christian Bale and the sadly missed Heath Ledger, who did a frighteningly flawless job of playing the Joker.

Seriously, what he did using the Batman title on it’s own is complete mastery and Inception is outstanding work on Mr. Nolan’s part. I recently completed viewing it the other day and I also was impressed all over again at how great it really is.  I always look forward to his movies and I can’t wait for the next one!

I totally have confidence in what Christoper Nolan does at this stage. I recall enthusiasts whining in regards to the casting of Heath Ledger as being the Joker, preferably all uncertainties are finished following the previous film and Inception.  I don’t believe any of the fans who were unhappy with the selection of the Joker are unhappy now.  Once again, I’m extremely fascinated in what he has been able to achieve and I believe he will show other directors how it’s really done.

In my humble opinion, he’s really turning out to be a kind of famous director.  Nolan became well-known for tales that engaged the psychology of the mind. This is yet another of these experiences, however in an enormous and deeply profound way, this movie excites on so many dream levels.  This is lucid dreaming on steroids!

Inception is definitely an intricate, clever motion picture, but Nolan has come realize that he can not transform it into a worthless work of cinema.   When it comes to delivering superb action scenes, Mr. Nolan is a true master of the art!  Below is a video interview with the great Christopher Nolan and may he continue to stimulate our appetites for well constructed films, that leave us wanting more.

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