Cocaine Wars Movie Review with John Schneider 1985

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Cocaine Wars movie review with John Schneider 1985. John Schneider plays DEA Agent Cliff Adams and this movie was distributed by Media for a tasty 80s treat of nose candy.

John Schneider goes undercover in South America for Gonzalo Reyes, who is the largest cocaine exporter in all of South America. The lovely Kathryn Witt plays reporter Janet Meade, who plans on marrying Cliff Adams.

John Schneider’s character gets himself caught up in a dangerous situation, where he must free his fiancée (Janet Meade) who has been kidnapped. To find out why Janet was kidnapped, you must see the movie and get the t-shirt. John Schneider’s career in the movies did not take off after making “Cocaine Wars” and after you see this movie you will know why.

One of the main flaws with this movie besides John Schneider’s hair is the plot is too predictable and at times silly, but if you love “B” movies, then you might enjoy the very few good parts of this motion picture. One of the best parts of the this film is the torture scene with John Schneider. I think if John Schneider had some better roles in the 80s, he might have been a fairly decent action star with a cool mustache.

This is another film that many collectors of “B” movies may want to add to their collection and if anything, this film makes a great conversation piece. For example, a friend who likes actions movies comes over to your house and you say, “have you seen Cocaine Wars?” If this is not a great way to impress a friend, I don’t know what is!

This is not the worst movie from the 80s and it’s not too bad as a “B” movie. Currently, this film is out of print and you might be able to find it on VHS over on Amazon or eBay. The VHS coverart on the box is very cool and I bet the original theater-used movie poster looks fantastic. On a side note, it would be great if this got a DVD release.

>> The Cocaine Wars movie may still be on sale at this link.

Actors: John Schneider, Kathryn Witt, Royal Dano, Federico Luppi, Rodolfo Ranni
Format: Color, NTSC
Rated: R (Restricted)
Number of tapes: 1
Studio: Anchor Bay
VHS Release Date: June 14, 1989

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