Come See The Amish Country Surrounding South Dayton New York

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The Village of South Dayton New York was incorporated in 1915 and today it plays a very important role in the New York Amish Trail.  The New York Amish Trail is comprised of many unique destinations where visitors can see how the Amish live first hand.

For many years the Amish have shopped at the South Dayton Super Duper grocery store, which is a family owned operation.

The South Dayton Super Duper accommodates the Amish with a building where they can safely keep their Amish buggies away from the elements of bad weather.  The Amish are a wonderful sight for the residents and visitors of South Dayton New York.

There are many different back roads leading into South Dayton, which the Amish use on a daily basis to access a variety of businesses, such as the Valley Hardware (family owned), Harry Austin Milling Inc (wholesale feed), Bob Astry’s Hardware, and Kerr’s Custom Butchering run by brothers Scott and Rick Kerr, just to name a few.

The peaceful and quiet life of the Amish are a great addition to the South Dayton community.  The Amish life consists of being hard workers and sharing their kindness with everyone they meet.  Their simple lifestyle is something we all can learn from, which will create happy memories, that will last a lifetime.

At night you can hear the Amish buggies going by and see their buggy lanterns fade into the night, as they travel through the back roads of South Dayton on their way home.  I’ve had the great pleasure of riding in an Amish buggy and although it was not the most comfortable ride, it was a wonderful way to see all the beautiful Amish countrysides.

Below is a picture of Pine Street /State Road 322 South Dayton, NY from September 27th 1912. I can only try and imagine what it would be like driving a buggy and tying up my horse on one of the posts near the road.

Below is a picture I recently took of Pine Street / State Road 322 South Dayton, NY as you would see it today.  I took this picture in late November before it started snowing and the winters in South Dayton New York can be bitter cold.

If you ever want to feel like you’re stepping back in time, then you should visit the back roads of South Dayton New York and experience the wonders of Amish country today.  You can bring your family and friends to see how the Amish live and you can even buy some of their goods.  After visiting the Amish, you can eat at either Zollinger’s Hotel, The Jenny Lee Store or The Mustard Seed for a scrumptious meal.

I will be writing more articles about the history of South Dayton New York, so please keep checking back or sign-up for the New York State News RSS feed.

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