Death Race 2 Is A Real Disappointment – My Movie Review

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Death Race 2 starring Luke Goss as Carl ‘Luke’ Lucas is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time.  Lauren Cohan played a hot chick who was craving the power of having a successful show about prison inmates killing each other to gain their freedom.

I did find it to be similar to the story of Death Race 2008, but it was much worse in comparison.  This new one lacked total originality, which is something Hollywood is good at, because they are not proficient at making intelligent movies most of the time.

The film begins very slow and it takes more then half the movie to pick up the pace.  I thought Danny Trejo did a decent job of keeping the movie some what entertaining, but again, the script and the overall acting was like the Titanic sinking.  Even actor Sean Bean gave a performance that would make his mother cry.

I felt in the first movie (DEATH RACE) Jason Statham did a good job and the movie had some great moments, although there were numerous plot holes and the character development was void of any real life.  I had some big expectations for the Death Race 2 movie, but I am learning to not get my hopes up anymore, unless I see it’s directed by Christopher Nolan!

There were parts of the movie that were not too bad, but even the actions scenes could not keep my interest in this film.  Being a guy, I did enjoy watching the beautiful Katrina Banks played by Tanit Phoenix, which gives the movie a little shallow eye candy.  Just when I thought I’ve seen my share of worthless films, this one comes along and deserves a place in my wood chipper.

Grade: D

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