Devil Woman Movie From 1970 Is Hong Kong Kung-Fu Horror

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Imagine a female who is able to control snakes with some unearthly power and you have the makings of one hell of great movie from the 70s! Talk about a film that is obscure, this is one awesome hidden gem, that you must see to believe!

The image on this page is a rare picture of the VHS cover for Devil Woman and check out those neon green colored snakes! You will notice this VHS cover is super hot, so if you can find the VHS online somewhere, you are one lucky individual.

The chick in this cool movie uses her snake charming powers to get revenge on some mean villagers who murdered her family. If you love snakes and you love kung fu with a touch of horror, then this movie may be right up your alley. I really wished I lived in the seedy areas of New York City back in the 70s, so I could watch one of these flicks in a filthy movie theater. Who wants some Hong Kong kung fu horror?

This would be the perfect flick to get a DVD release, but I doubt it will ever happen. This is a hard movie to find, but you might be able to find it online from someone. Once in a while you can get lucky and someone has movies like this on VHS, but don’t count on it. Any movie where a woman is using telekinetic powers to make snakes do her bidding is a winner to me.

This movie is also known as Mo Neuih, Evil Snake Girl, and Manda The Snake Girl. You may be wondering why I would encourage anyone to see this movie. I want you to see it for the snakes and kung fu, because they don’t make them like this anymore. Today, we have movies with hardly any plots and almost no character development whatsoever, which keeps me watching the 70s and 80s films religiously.

Directed by: Felix Villar & Albert Yu
Starring: Rosemarie Gil, Alex Tang Lec

>> The Devil’s Daughter may still be available at this link. Sorry, no Devil Woman movie yet

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