Hulu Plus Vs Crackle For Legal TV And Movie Watching Online

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Countless numbers of people everyday search the Internet to watch movies online.?? There are a good number of illegal movie download sites, which are showing nothing but bootlegs.

These sites are cropping up all over the Internet and the MPAA can not keep up with all of these free movie watching sites.

As an alternative, there are websites that offer legal and free viewing of movies online.?? Of course, you do have to put up with the annoying commercials, but other than that it’s legal. Two websites that I frequent are Hulu and I like both of these websites because I can watch my favorite TV shows or movies at my own leisure.

Crackle seems to have movies that Hulu does not have, but then again I could be wrong.?? When it comes down to the navigation and the interface for watching TV and movies, I like Crackle much better.?? Hulu now has what is called Hulu Plus, where you can pay each month to watch your favorite shows.?? I don’t see myself paying for Hulu Plus, because at this point, I don’t feel it is worth the money.

Crackle is a great movie watching site and I know more people are aware of Hulu than they are of Crackle, so I wanted people to know there was another alternative. I use to like watching different TV shows on Hulu, but then again, I can watch them on ABC, NBC and other well known TV channel websites just as good.?? Which site do you like better Hulu or Crackle??? Will Hulu stand the test of time online or will another company come along and make them history?

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  1. Hello DeWayne just wanted to let you know i enjoyed this article. Will Hulu stand the test of time? Hope so been watching it from day one, but like you said i like Crackle for the movies.The site links i put on my blog site are pop up friendly. With Hulu and Crackle i have 17 other site links and always looking for more.

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