Jillian Kesner Makes Firecracker Movie Hot From 1981

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Jillian Kesner makes the Firecracker movie enticing and exciting with a sexy display of martial arts. 1981 was the perfect year to bring forth a beautiful woman to please every man’s karate fighting fantasy.

Suzie Carter (Jillian Kesner) is seeking answers to why her sister went missing. The one thing she knows is that her sister was inquiring about a drug trafficking group in the Philippines.

Why would most men want to watch the Firecracker movie with Jillian Kesner??? The quick answer is you get to see her fighting two of the bad guys topless!

Suzie Carter (Jillian Kesner) is barely dressed in many scenes and naked in others, so this has got exploitation written all over it. If you are looking for a fun filled alternative to the regular martial arts revenge films, then you will find this one refreshing. This is one of those rare and hard-to-find motion pictures, that should be added to any serious movie buff’s collection.

This B movie really has it all!?? You get to see a stunning blonde take on the Philippines most corrupt and deadly fighters. Want more??? You also get some very brutal and bloody fights. This cheezy film may find a special place in your heart if you allow it.?? Since it’s out of print, you will need to do some digging to find this little gem of a movie, but it is well worth your time.?? This movie was also known as the “Naked Fist.”?? They sure got the naked part right!

Sadly, according to SuperStrangeVideo.com Jillian Kesner died on December 5th, 2007 in Irvine, CA. of complications with a staph infection, which she contracted after having been diagnosed with leukemia. She was 58.

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