Katie Featherston is Hot – Need I Say More?

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Katie Featherston is hot – need I say more? If there was a contest for best celebrity boobs, there is no doubt Katie Featherston breasts would win and this is not a conjecture, it’s a reality! Many men will agree that Katie Featherston is hot.

For all you men looking for Katie Featherston bikini pics, you are most likely not going to find them anywhere online. Even though she was in a bathing suit in Paranormal Activity 2, there may be only one picture online of her, but it’s nothing to write home about.

Incredibly, there are not a lot of pictures of Katie Featherston online. Most celebrities have photo’s where they are in skimpy swimsuits, but not Katie, which is interesting. Maybe she is trying to send a different kind of message to the human populace.

This beauty from Texas is one of the lucky few to make a big name for herself with a low-budget horror film and have even more success with the sequel. Looks like there will be a Paranormal Activity 3 and Katie Featherston will be in it!  Will Katie give into Hollywood like other well-known female actresses and show some skin to bring in the box office numbers?

Many hot Hollywood actresses end up stuck in certain roles throughout their careers, but will Katie continue in the horror genre or will she branch out into other areas? What attracts most men to Katie? Many guys online have stated it is her girl next door look and the fact she is superbly well endowed. One fellow horror lover online said he wished he was the demon in the Paranormal Activity movie, so he could have some quality time with Katie.

Paranormal Activity 2 was a pretty good movie and even though some movie watchers did not like the film, it does not mean you won’t like it. It is creepy and Katie looks hot in the swimming pool scene. Even though many do not consider PA 2 as good as Paranormal Activity 1, it still builds up to the terror scene by scene and the characters are interesting.

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