Katy Perry May Be Every Young Guys Teenage Dream

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Katy Perry is undoubtedly an American song writer, performer and artist which rose to popularity through the single “I Kissed A Girl” in 2008.  Katy Perry isn’t self conscious about displaying everything, but with regards to popular music, she maintains some insider secrets. One of these little secrets got out!

Katy Perry is well-known for being a modern-day pop superstar. Her very first worldwide hit, I Kissed A Girl, was targeted at the tabloids and it worked like a charm, but she was only kissing girls for a while, before she was suddenly smitten by the happy go lucky Russell Brand.  Katy and Russell were so into each other, they recently got married.  Well, there goes my shot at happiness!

In addition to hitting # 1 in virtually every region, the song I Kissed A Girl, instantly launched a quick reference point that, appropriately or mistakenly, described who she was and what she was ready to reveal. Any feelings I had of her being a one hit wonder had been put to rest using the fantastic follow-up, Hot N Cold, a track that felt more on target than its forerunner.

Katy Perry is unquestionably nothing new. She blends effectively right into a style of blunt feminine vocalist lyricists including the lovely Lilly Allen and the amazing Kate Nash. In the beginning, I had been convinced that she’d rapidly vanish from the headlines after her bi-curious global release, but I suppose I had been incorrect.

Katy Perry is beautiful and has a lot going for her career.  Not to mention, she married Russell Brand, which may be a good thing or a really bad thing.  Russell seems like a fun guy, but he is also a pretty wild dude, so I hope their marriage last longer then most celebrity marriages.  Would Russell Brand cheat on Katy Perry?  Only time will tell!

Below is a video of Katy’s hit song called “Teenage Dream”.  I’m sure there are plenty of young fellows out there who would love to date a woman that favors Katy Perry, because for them, that would be a teenage dream!

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