Lindsay Lohan News – Out Of Rehab And Back To The Party

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What’s more fun than Lindsay Lohan news?  Not much these days!  Lohan’s party days have taken a toll on her looks and her freedom.  She is a far cry from the beautiful young woman who made the wonderful “Mean Girls” flick.

It seems the Palm Desert Police are keeping a close eye on Lohan and waiting for her to slip up and make a mistake.  What is the probability that she will get in trouble over the next couple of months?

Well, the probabilities are pretty good that she will and the cops will be waiting with open arms and handcuffs to take this superstar to jail again.

I really miss the old Lindsay Lohan, who did Disney movies that were fun for the whole family.  What really happened to Lohan?  Was it the fame or her lack of a father figure?  It could be a number of things, but the girl loves to party. Apparently, Lindsay got into a fight with a Betty Ford Center staff member named Dawn Holland.

Linday Lohan believes that rules are made to be broken and has proved this fact by not adhering to the terms of her probation.  Nothing is going to stop this Hollywood hottie from having a good time, except the cops waiting on every corner for her in their police vehicles.  No matter what Lindsay Lohan does she can always count on TMZ to get the word and the pictures out to the Internet faster then you can say super cala fragalistic expialidoshus.

On a good note, I thought she played a terrific nun in the movie Machete. Will Lohan hit the club scene and dance with Paris Hilton like the good old days, or will she settle down and take up knitting?

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