Amish House and Red Barn on Riga Road South Dayton, NY

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I enjoy driving the back roads of South Dayton New York, because there are so many stone white plain Amish houses with large porches and dark blue curtains at the windows.

I’m hoping to make more people online aware of these peaceful country destinations, so they can drive out and experience them for themselves.

One day I found myself driving on Riga road, which is definitely off the beaten path.

Riga Road is not paved, so you have to be careful about driving too fast and watch out for kids playing on the side of the road.  The back roads of South Dayton, NY have a lot of hidden gems, that most people don’t even know about and if they did, they would be driving these back roads every weekend.

Sometimes, you might even see a herd of deer from the road and in the summer there is nothing better than looking at the fields of corn stalks.  As I was driving down the road, I saw a restful looking Amish house and quickly took out my camera to get a shot.

Below is a picture of the Amish house and red barn on Riga road.  The white house is located in the back and you can see the stacks of wood in preparation for the coming winter in front of the barn.  I apologize for not getting a better picture of the house, but on a good note the red barn looks fantastic.

I believe the windmill located on the right-hand side of the red barn is used to help draw water from the well, because as you know, the Amish do not have electricity.  This was a great day to be out taking pictures of Amish homes with a bright blue sky in the background.

As I drove past the Amish house with a red barn, I immediately looked over to my left and saw a field of corn shocks.  Below I have provided you with a picture of these spectacular looking corn shocks.

If you have never driven on Riga road, I would encourage you to do so, because it is a fun-filled experience and it’s like stepping back in a time machine.  If you have some friends who are interested in Amish living, please e-mail them this article for their viewing pleasure.

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