M.L. Shetler – The Amish Watchmaker on Rte. 62 South Dayton New York

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Driving south on Route 62 allows visitors to see some of the most beautiful countryside and Amish homes.  I learned about the Amish Watchmaker on Route 62 South Dayton New York named  M.L. Shetler from my mother.

My mother had M.L. Shetler fix the chimes on her Seth Thomas clock and now it works like a charm.   M.L. Shetler is an expert at restoring quality timepieces, so if you ever want your time clock fixed, you may want to visit the Amish Watchmaker.

I took some pictures of  M.L. Shetler’s sign and his house so you can see how nice his home looks from the outside.  You will find that some Amish live very close to the road, while others live a great distance away from the road.

You’ll notice in the picture of his house a long dirt road, which gives you an idea what it must have looked like back in the early 1900′s on Route 62.   M.L. Shetler is the only Amish Watchmaker I know of in the area and he most likely gets business by word-of-mouth.

One of the great advantages of the Internet is, I am able to direct readers to specific Amish businesses.  I’m not sure how long M.L. Shetler has been a restorer of watches, but I do hear his name mentioned a lot in the local coffee shops (The Tea Room or The Jenny Lee).

Below is a stunning picture of M.L. Shetler’s house and business.  As you’ll notice in the picture, his buggy is parked on the left-hand side of the house and over to the right you can see where they hang their clothes out to dry.

Imagine having to wash your laundry by hand and then hang them outside.  Although I like the simplicity of the Amish lifestyle, I don’t think I would fare very well with doing my laundry by hand.  Having the convenience of a washer and dryer, makes the concept of doing laundry by hand less appealing.

In the picture you will notice the large woods behind his house, where I believe he sees deers or turkeys some of the time.  Located on the front of the house you will see 11 windows, which is an unusual formation on a home.  Many of the Amish have plain looking homes with well-kept yards and Amish children playing in them.

If you have never driven on Route 62, I would encourage you to do so, because it is an unforgettable experience and it’s like stepping back in time, into another era.  If you have some friends who are interested in Amish living, please e-mail them this article for their viewing pleasure.

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