Monster Thursday Movie Review with Silje Salomonsen

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You've Got To See Monster Thursday

Monster Thursday movie review with Silje Salomonsen. Director Arild Østin Ommundsen brings us a coming of age film with more romance then the waves in the sea. Monster Thursday is an odd film with drama in a place you would never imagine called Norway. This motion picture delivers more then just surfing and challenging weather, it’s also about love.

Is this movie spectacular? Not really, but it is good! What makes this movie enjoyable to watch is the cinematography and the scenery, which is breathtaking.

Independent foreign films like this one are so refreshing, because such movies give those of us who live in America an idea of what it might be like to live in another country. Tord (Christian Skolmen) is married to Karen, who is the love of Even’s life and so our story begins.

This movie will definitely keep your attention, because you will be drawn into the lives of three people, who are involved in a love triangle. Unlike surfing in California, this movie takes place in an extremely cold location in Norway, that could likely freeze your body to death, if you are not use to it. Karen who is played by Silje Salomonsen is very beautiful and as a result of this movie, may be on her way to a budding film career, which will blossom into a lovely flower.

Even played by Vegar Hoel is going to do whatever it takes to win the heart of Karen (Silje Salomonsen) and if it means becoming a great surfer, he will do it. Even is not a good surfer, but he finds a legendary surfer, who will teach him how to be a winner, but will Even get the girl or will their destiny in a collision course with the monster wave? This movie could have been more on a emotional level, but it certainly has some great surfing shots! Learn more about this movie here.

Grade: B

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