Mortuary Movie From 1983 With Bill Paxton Is A Keeper

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Looking for the Mortuary movie that is out of print from 1983 with a young Bill Paxton, who would go on to become a movie star? It’s funny how so many stars got their start by acting in 80′s horror flicks.?? For example, not too many people know that Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) got his early start in “The Burning” from 1981.

Mortuary is a good horror movie from the 80s, but like many of the horror films back then, this one was not great at all.?? This movie is only a keeper if you enjoy watching a twisted Bill Paxton.

If you are a huge Bill Paxton fan, I would strongly encourage you to get your hands on this film. The only way you’ll probably be able to get a hold of it is by VHS over on Amazon or eBay.?? Both the cover art and the original theater-used movie poster are fantastic works of art.

The best parts of this film are with Bill Paxton playing a psychotic nutjob and the musical score. It was definitely nice to see Mary Beth McDonough who use to be on “The Waltons” TV show, Lynda Day George, and Christopher George who died not too long after completing the Mortuary movie.?? I always thought Christopher George was a great actor in his time, but he did not have much of a role in this movie to really show his true talent.

Watching Bill Paxton playing a crazy embalmer, who goes around killing people wearing a black cape is laughable, but also a little entertaining. You get to hear heavy breathing and heart beats throughout the creepy moments of the film, but it never really scares you, which is why I’m grading this horror film a C.

Mary Beth McDonough plays Christie Parson, who is suffering from night terrors as a result of her father’s death, which seems to haunt her and won’t let go. Next, you’ve got Bill Paxton running around as the dark looming figure of the night, who has Christie scared out of her wits.?? This horror movie does have it’s good moments, but they are hit and miss. The Mortuary movie will not go down as a classic, but it is still worth adding to your collection of VHS tapes, if you can find it.

Grade: C

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