Movie Review of Wild Target with Emily Blunt

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To Be Blunt Emily is Hot in This Film

Movie review of Wild Target with Emily Blunt. This was a fun little action comedy that was very entertaining. Emily Blunt played a beautiful looking thief named Rose and was the perfect choice as the super sensual target of the assassin.

This movie had a simple plot, but it also gives plenty of laughs you would not expect. The assassin Victor Maynard was perfectly played by Bill Nighy, who was amusing, witty and charming.

What you may find refreshing about this film is the offbeat humor, which did not rely completely on good one-liners, but well thought out situations that turned out to be extremely hilarious.

This is a classic British comedy that delivers a performance worth watching by each character. Today there are very few comedies in the mainstream market, that are as intelligent as Wild Target. Another wild reason to see this film is the character development, which is well done between Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt. They both have a chemistry that is believable and at times unpredictable.

Speaking of Emily Blunt, she gives some great lessons in the film on how to be a kleptomaniac, because she is not only lifting peoples belongings and objects, but she really steals the scenes. Unlike many Hollywood comedies coming out today, this one will not have you staring at your watch wondering when it will be over, but instead it will draw you in like a hooker off the street looking for a good time. If you like British films grab this one today!

Grade: B

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