Mr. No Legs Movie with Ted Vollrath from 1979 is Amazing!

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Mr. No Legs movie with Ted Vollrath from 1979 is a real goodie. This is the type of film that made drive-ins so inviting and this flick would make you choke on your freaking popcorn. This movie is also known as the Destructor and the Gun Fighter.

Lou played by Ted Vollrath is a Karate “black belt” in real life and here’s the wild part, he’s an amputee. In this motion picture Ted works for the mob as a tough guy and even with no legs he’s able to do amazing things in his steel wheelchair. I’ve never watched a film with a double amputee action star, but then again, I’ve watched some really insane “B” movies I’m not too proud of, so this is a welcomed film to my ever growing collection of trashy movies.

I fell over laughing so hard that it hurt when he pulled out throwing stars from the wheel hubs of his wheelchair. He also has 2 shotguns ready for action in the armrests. If someone tries to mess with old Lou (Ted Vollrath) the wheelchair Mob enforcer, he will kick a litter of pigs out of them. If you can find this movie online, you may grow to like it or not.

Lou’s employer is Mr D’Angelo played by Lloyd Bochner. This wiseguy is exporting drugs secretly contained within cigars. This is definitely a “B” movie you need to see un-cut and good luck finding it online. It might be available on VHS, but like many obscure movies, this one might cost an arm and a leg or maybe two legs.

This movie may have done better if it was not shot on such a low budget and it would have been great if there was more of an interesting focus on Mr. No Legs. The one thing I can safely say about this film is you will not get bored and it good for a few laughs with the boys. There is a great deal of violence in this movie, but nothing that will make you scream like a little girl. This is a film you will want your friends to see and it’s grind-house exploitation at it’s worst! Imagine going up to a buddy and saying have you seen Mr. No Legs?

Ted Vollrath was born in 1934 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and he died on November 18, 2001 at the age of 66. Vollrath served in the United States Marines and fought bravely in the Korean war. Ted had both of his legs amputated, because of the extremely severe injuries received in combat. He started practicing in the martial arts in 1967 and was the first individual to earn a black belt in karate while training out of a steel wheelchair.

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Directed by: Ricou Browning
Starring: Richard Jaeckel, Ron Slinker, Ted Vollrath, and John Agar

Grade: C+

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