Nancy Pelosi Is Replaced By John Boehner For The Win

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Nancy Pelosi is a radical Democratic Adviser with the Eighth U.S. Congressional District of CA. Oh, do I feel sorry for California!  She actually is the present Speaker of the House and also the very first female of all time to maintain that postion.  Wow, are we lucky to have such an amazing women in office, of course, I’m being sarcastic.

Her congressional name does mean that she also holds the greatest office a female has been selected to in United States history.  She learned from a household rich in national politics. At age 7, she was standing next to her dad when he was sworn in as Baltimore’s very first Italian-American Mayor in the late 1940s.  Did her early experience with politics help her, definitely not or did it?  I need to ponder this one.

Nancy Pelosi is from time to time known as the most disliked lady in the USA, but it’s tough to get away from the final outcome, that much of this hate appears to originate from the truth that she’s a female or is it?  Nancy Pelosi introduced an argument yesterday evening about the malfunction with the defense agreement bill, including a legal repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” She also declared that she’d operate to pass through a stand alone legal repeal towards the end of the legal period.

Nancy Pelosi has Dems in such a crazy state of mind, that she requires a a serious make over effort and she requires it immediately!  Only The show biz industry is ready to handle a wonderland lady larger-than-life such as Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi has dishonored virtually every strategy offer, usurped presidential planning in her own hunger for power.  Way to go Nancy!

When I see Nancy Pelosi on TV, I want to change the channel, because it hurts so bad to watch someone so incompetent in Congress!  I know I am not the only one who has noticed this lady does not have a clue what she is doing and she smiles like she knows what is going on, but she is way out in space somewhere with Carl Sagan!

Update: Republican John Boehner replaces Nancy Pelosi as congressional house speaker!

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