New York City Needs The Income Of Mixed Martial Arts

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I’ve been a fan of the mixed martial arts for quite some time now and there is no doubt I would love to see this type of entertainment come to New York.?? There is something about watching guys battle with each other like the days of being a gladiator, that just gets my adrenaline going.

This year, the New York State Legislature will take into consideration the legalizing mixed martial arts (MMA) tournaments. Most states have previously given approval to the increasing popularity of this incredible sport and New York has prohibited it since the late nineties, and I believe it was around 1997.

Mixed martial arts has an exceptional safe practices history specifically due to the fact it isn’t a no holds bar fighting arena and there are rules being enforced. These rules include when martial artists can attack or strike, as well as for the length of time. Hits towards the crotch and eyes are restricted, and several matches finish with opponents “tapping out,” which can be much less detrimental than repetitive head attacks.

???With forty-four states and many nations around the world managing MMA, and enjoying the economical advantages of having events, The Big Apple can’t afford to stay within the sidelines watching,??? said Assemblyman Murray.

Assemblyman Murray has talked with Governor Andrew Cuomo concerning the capability of UFC to boost new earnings for The Big Apple, and advised the Governor to endorse its penetration within this legal period. Forty-four other states presently manage the game, such as PA, MA, and NJ.?? I for one hope that MMA is legalized, so I can go to New York City and watch the fights.

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