Pro Flight Simulator Review – Is It The Best?

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The Pro Flight Simulator review begs the question of will it work effectively?  Learning to fly a plane with flight simulators is a great way to develop your flying skills on the ground.

More people are buying flight simulators because they are cheap and they make it easy to learn how to really fly the friendly skies.

The key is finding the best flight simulator for the cheapest price possible online.  I’ve been interested in flight simulators for some time and I have two friends who actually fly real planes in the area. I wanted to find a flight simulator that was super realistic. I found two programs called FlightProSim and ProFlightSimulator. Both looked really good, but I wanted to find out which one was the best.

Interestingly, ProFlightSimulator turned out to be an excellent product, while I would have to get second place to the FlightProSim. Let’s take a look at why I think the ProFlightSimulator is a masterfully innovative flight simulation program.

Superior Launching Capabilities

This is where the Pro Flight Simulator gets five golden stars from me, because it has a cutting edge 3.0 launcher that makes starting any new game a piece of cake. Not only that, this system will work with many other different operating systems and is able to properly configure to your hardware much better than the FlightProSim.

For some reason when I tried testing other flight simulators they would not work with my computer system and I ran into issues with the FlightProSim. The main issue I had with FlightProSim is my computer would freeze and I would have to constantly reboot my computer. I did not have this problem with the Pro Flight Simulator, which ran like a dream.

You Even Get Important Updates

I was blown away to see that the Pro Flight Sim actually did monthly updates. I purchased all different types of software online and without the proper updates, you can be left hanging with an outdated program. FlightProSim currently does not offer monthly updates, but that may change in the future.  The Pro Flight Simulator will be updating with 50 more scenery packs coming up and I’m pumped!

Outstanding Teaching Videos

I was surprised to see teaching videos that showed me how to start flying immediately. Unfortunately, FlightProSim does not offer any type of tutorials at this time, but I have to say I’m very pleased with the Pro Flight Simulator’s videos, because I now have a quick reference for how to fly the aircraft. You also get a fully illustrated annual that gives you over 100 pages to make sure you completely understand what you are doing.

Money Back Guarantee

The product comes with 60 days money back guarantee and if you are not completely satisfied with the Pro Flight Simulator, you can simply get a refund. Whenever I buy any type of software online, I always make sure that there is a money back guarantee.

My Conclusion

I was super impressed with the ProFlightSimulator and I believe you will be too, because it has a good chance of working with your computer system and the scenery makes you feel like you’re flying for real!

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