Rebecca Black’s Friday Music Video is so Awesome!

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Friday, Friday, Friday! Fun, Fun, Fun Yeah!

Rebecca Black’s Friday music video is so awesome! Please don’t take the title of this article seriously, because the title was meant as a joke! Some are calling Rebecca’s Friday song one of the worst to hit YouTube in a long time.

Justin Bieber became famous from using YouTube as his platform to the masses, but Rebecca may not have the same response or will she? In her defense she is only 13 years old and girl needs a break, because YouTuber’s can be really harsh on videos, especially ones that suck.

Hold on to your seat because the shocker of the day is that Rebecca Black has over 35,613,780 views on her YouTube videos as of 3/22/2011. What exactly is happening here? Apparently, people are even buying her songs over on iTunes, which means many people out there seem to like it? Do people who buy this song honestly think it is that good?

One reason she has been having so many sales is because of the exposure and publicity. What’s hours of fun is finding the parodies and covers of Rebecca’s Friday tune on YouTube. At one point Rebecca sings the following lyrics: yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday. At this point I was like, you’ve got to be kidding me!

If you really want a good laugh, then just read the comments under her YouTube video. Her song may not be great, but if you look at what is on the Top 40 right now, that is not great either! Here are a few of the commets on her YouTube music video below.

“I just lost brain cells. wtf is up with the lyrics??” – YouTuber

“Ya know Friday used to be my favorite day of the week. Ughh pizza night will never be the same.” – YouTuber

“I created multiple youtube accounts to dislike it over and over >:^)” – YouTuber

“Okay , Rebecca Black, we do not need to know every step of your day. Honestly.”  – YouTuber

“My GOD, this is just TERRIFYING!” – YouTuber

“I’m in hell.” – YouTuber

Judging by the above comments that have been coming in so fast under her YouTube video, many viewers are not too happy with this song. From sparkling vampires to Justin Bieber, the pain may never end with what is hot today. Many in YouTube say that Rebecca needs music lessons and if you have the guts to watch the video below, you will see what they mean. Hey, let’s all kick it on Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friday! Oh yeahhhhh!

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