RED Movie with Bruce Willis is a Blast!

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Bruce Willis is The Man

First off, I’m a huge Bruce Willis fan, so I was an easy mark for this movie.  This is an outstanding action movie loaded with top-notch actors who are seasoned professionals.

Bruce Willis plays ex-CIA agent Frank Moses, who is not enjoying his retirement and is looking for a little action.

Frank Moses tries to spice up his life by calling the beautiful Sarah played by Mary-Louise Parker to find out why he isn’t receiving his retirement check.  The real reason he’s calling her is, because he’s looking for a female companion.

Frank would like to get to know Sarah better, so he sets up a meeting  with her.  Unfortunately, Frank’s house is attacked by hitmen, which he ends up swiftly killing.  He then shows up at Sarah’s house unannounced and she freaks out, so he takes her hostage.  At this point the date night idea is thrown out the window.

Next, Frank has to find his old retired pals from the CIA and find out why hitmen have been sent to kill them all, that’s when the fun really begins.  William Cooper played by Karl Urban is an up and coming CIA agent, who wants to capture Frank and his friends.

This movie gives you plenty of action, gunfire and a lot of kills!  Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker have great chemistry between each other, which makes for an interesting watch.  One of my favorite characters in this movie is John Malkovich, who perfectly plays a paranoid ex-agent.

On a side note, Hellen Mirren at the age of 65 makes using an automatic weapon look like child’s play.  If you’re looking for an entertaining and fast-paced movie, I would encourage you to watch RED today!

Grade: B+

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