Remote Control Tarantula Prank Scares Girl at Work

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Remote control tarantula prank scares girl at work. Most women freak out if a spider comes near them and all it takes is the right remote control spider to make it happen. Some girls actually like spiders, while some guys are absolutely terrified by them. Do you have arachnophobia?

To prank a girl at work, you will need to find out who is afraid of spiders by sending out an email with a picture of a spider and see who bites. Once you find out who is scared of spiders, you then need a remote control tarantula, but it will need to be realistic looking.

The remote control tarantula would need to be placed on the girls desk, because if you put it under her desk, there may be a high probability of it being stomped and broken. Of course, it may also go flying off of the desk, but it still has a higher probability of scaring the wits out of the girl, without being destroyed. The downside with a remote control tarantula is, the sound of the motor running, which is why putting it behind a computer may be the most effective tactic yet.

A remote control tarantula that has eyes that light up is a great gift and it’s even better if you put it in the box of the gift recipient with it on. This way when the person unwraps it, he or she will get the scare of their lives. Using a remote control tarantula takes some creative thinking to scare someone, but it can be done and it makes a fantastic gag gift, especially if you know a spider lover.

What makes a good remote control tarantula scary is the leg movements and the big hairy size. Check out the video below for the scare of your life.

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