Sarah Palin 2012 for President – Will It Happen?

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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (Photo by WDCpix)

Millions of Americans are looking for change once again and the Obama administration may be on their way out, if Sarah Palin runs for President. Who would win?  Would it be Obama or Palin?

I think this is an interesting concept to ponder considering the government needs some new leadership.  The question remains on whether or not Sarah Palin could handle the duties of being President of the United States?  What do you think?

I know I want a different President and I would probably vote for Sarah Palin.  The only thing that can deter me from voting for Sarah Palin is another candidate running for office, who is more capable.  Will a new president help lower our deficit?  There seems to be no easy answer to this eye-popping deficit problem looming over America like a dark cloud.

Whoever wins the next presidency will have to clean house, but will they?  Over the years not much has really changed for the better in our government.  One of the reasons I would vote for Sarah Palin is, because she might get something done.  Seriously, she might actually make some good changes.  Even if she only gets a couple of things done right in the oval office, I would be ecstatic!

I think a majority of Americans feel like whoever they vote for won’t even help the economy.  A good number of people that I have talked to said that we are too far gone with the deficit to ever recover.  Are we too far gone to recover?

Since Obama has been in office, I would like to know where all the great new jobs are?  In Upstate New York many are still unemployed and looking for jobs.  It may be an illusion to believe that Sarah Palin can help turn our economy around, but my question to you is, who can?

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