Skyline Movie Review – Is This The Worst Sci-Fi Ever?

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I went to see this movie at my favorite movie theater called the Dunkirk Movieplex 8, 10520 Bennett Road, Dunkirk, NY.  I bought some nachos with jalapeno peppers and a small soft drink, which turned out better then watching the Skyline movie.

If you are looking to see a film that is of the same caliber as District 9 or Independence Day, this is not it!  I thought the movie trailer for this movie looked pretty good and I was crossing my fingers that this would be an exciting flick, but I was so wrong.

You do get to see strange and beautifully blue lights descend on the city of Los Angeles as people are being pulled towards the extraterrestrials in a trance-like fashion.  Although, it was unsettling to see human beings drawn up into huge alien spacecraft’s, there was much more that could have been done on a larger scale, to make this movie a better sci-fi experience.

Even though you get to see at a distance some huge alien space ships, most of the time is spent in a single high-rise building.  What you get with this movie is some great telescope watching of a huge extraterrestrial space ship and some killer aliens, that are lacking in hospitality.

As I was slurping on my soft drink, I thought to myself, this has to be one of the worst sci-fi films I’ve seen in a long time.  If you’re looking for a complete brain dump of action and mayhem, then this film might appeal to you.  I really enjoy sci-fi movies and I was hoping this one would be a winner, but it turned out to be a real dud.

I believe if the script was handled by a more experienced writer and the movie involved a different director, this might have made it past a really bad B movie.  I will say that the effects and the action were decent, but the script with bad acting left me wanting to leave the movie theater early.

Grade: D-

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