Spartacus Lesbians with Naked Lucy Lawless Equals Winning

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Spartacus lesbians with naked Lucy Lawless equals winning. Charlie Sheen might learn what winning is all about if he watched the steamy sex scenes on the hot TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Looks like Starz media really hit a home run with this sexy sizzler.

Do the lesbians in Spartacus: Blood and Sand help the show or hurt it? If you ask the guys, they will most likely say it is the main reason they are watching it.

If you ask the women, they may say they are now tempted to leave their husbands for a night with Lucy Lawless. No matter what anyone says online, Lucy Lawless still has a smoking hot body, that would make a church deacon fall into sin.

This show is definitely not some cheesy soap opera, but it does provide you with males looking like gods, savagery, lot’s of blood, brutality, awesome arena fights and honor. The computer graphics are not the best, but this show does keep getting better and better. What makes this show so good is not just the nudity, but the incredible plot twists that keep you holding on to the edge of your seat, waiting for what’s going to happen next.

This series seems to have a sincere representation of romance and at times this show is very poetic. What kind of person would enjoy this show immensely? The quick answer is a person full of passion and a lust for freedom. Spartacus: Blood and Sand makes you realize why so many people throughout history have done whatever it takes to keep their freedom. This series is fun, full of action, lust and most of all it is damn good entertainment.

Spartacus seems to be giving a full smorgasbord of sex, depravity and manipulation. Like many online, I would love to see Xena Warrior Princess brought back to TV with a new story starring Lucy Lawless, because I still think she’s got it. I grade Spartacus: Blood and Sand an A+ all the way baby!

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