Steve Iser’s Commission Crusher Review – Is He for Real?

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Steve Iser’s Commission Crusher review – is he for real? There are a lot of get rich quick schemes advertised all over the Internet everyday, so when I see Internet Marketers promising riches beyond belief I have to laugh, because most likely it’s a crock of BS!

The world of Internet Marketing is a gamble, because if you do not learn from the right person, you will end up losing money over and over again.  Steve Iser is one of the few marketers that has good tactics.

Internet Marketing is not for the faint of heart, because anyone who has ever made any money online, did it with the right information, good strategies and patience. Hundreds of thousands of people want to work from home today and say goodbye to the daily grind, but is it really possible? Steve Iser believes it is and he has videos to back up his belief.

Steve Iser’s background is very interesting, because his claim to fame is MySpace marketing and out of all the gurus online, he is a much younger marketer, but seems to know what he is talking about. I became aware of him through his MySpace marketing information back in 2007.

His newest product is called the “Commission Crusher” and it is set up so that anyone can easily find hot affiliate campaigns online and possibly duplicate them for big profits. Commission Crusher also uses a software called “Ad Assault”, which is able to analyze other websites by gathering powerful intel. The result of using this software is to possibly get tons of targeted traffic fast.

What makes Steve Iser’s “Commission Crusher” different from most money making products online is, that he does not depend on using MSN, Google or Yahoo to get tons of traffic. I’m as skeptical as the next person about these “make money online products”, but you can get a refund if it does not work by Clickbank, as a matter of fact, Steve offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Over the last couple of years I’ve kept a close eye on what Steve Iser has been doing and he seems to have done very well financially by marketing in MySpace and Facebook. He has some serious skills when it comes to marketing online and he’s a great teacher.

>> Steve Iser’s Commission Crusher may still be available at this link.

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