Stingray TV Show DVD Review with Nick Mancuso

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Stingray Was One of The Best TV Shows Ever

Stingray TV show DVD review with Nick Mancuso. One fan of the Stingray series called it the “Thinking Man’s Knightrider”. Stingray was one of the best TV shows to come out of the late 80s and it can still beat out most of the TV shows we watch today.

There were 25 episodes of Stingray and many fans of the show wished there were more. The star of the show was Nick Mancuso and this was one of his best roles ever. He played a complete man of mystery, who had many different secret talents to help others in need, when the cops would not help them.

This man was a brilliant enigma who was a master at close examination and systematic inquiry. Ray (Nick Mancuso) could become almost anyone to gather information and he was also skilled in the martial arts. If you are looking for a classy TV show with an interesting plot, then Stingray fits the bill nicely.

It’s great to see the TV series get a DVD release, but not so great that the packaging was not properly designed. Unfortunately, it all comes in a plastic case that opens like a book and holds the 5 discs. Not exactly what most fans would expect from a DVD release of a popular TV show. On a good note, the audio and video are excellent, but nothing can make up for the shoddy packaging. If you are a huge fan of Stingray buy this series for the fond memories!

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