The Hollywood Gossip Brings Plenty Of Fish

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The Hollywood gossip story of the day is the infamous Plenty Of Fish dating site getting exposure in the new Britney Spears music video.?? I realize there will always be some type of advertising going on in a music video, but Britney Spears on Plenty Of Fish (POF), just seems too fishy.

What happened to the days of being all about the music and not giving into what makes the fast cash??? Britney Spears musical career has been up and down like a teeter totter, but seeing Plenty Of Fish in her “Hold It Against Me” video was a bit too much.

Seeing Britney on POF did not fit into the music video and it did not feel right for the music video. Can anyone really picture Britney Spears on POF??? I could maybe see her on Adult Friend Finder, but definitely not POF! As a matter of fact, they should not have had her on any dating site at all in the music video.?? In reality Britney would not even need a dating site, because she could easily have one of her friends get her a date.

I believe some of the best music that ever came out was from the 80s and back then the musical groups put the music first and making money second.?? Could you imagine pop singer Adam Lambert on eHarmony in his music video??? I sure couldn’t and I think it is a bad move for Britney Spears to allow any type of corporate involvement in a music video with a dating site.?? Seeing POF in her music video was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.?? Today’s Hollywood gossip is all about getting back to the music!

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