The Monster Squad Movie Review DVD from 1987

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The Monster Squad movie review DVD from 1987. If you are looking for the ultimate cheesefest, then this movie is rocking awesome! If you don’t have the DVD Two-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition or the Blu-ray, then what are you waiting for?

Dracula plans on world domination and searches for other monsters to assist him on his quest. Fortunately, a group of young kids who are considered losers by their coequals discover Dracula’s evil plan and they prepare for war! If you like creature feature flicks with a sprinkling of comedy, you must check this movie out.

Fred Dekker is the director and the mastermind behind “The Monster Squad” and another 80s favorite “Night of the Creeps” from 1986. There has been talk about “The Monster Squad” remake and some are excited about the idea, while others say it’s going to suck big time. In the defense of those who support a remake of this 80s classic, the monsters could be made better, so we might want to keep an open mind.

Why does The Monster Squad still hold up today as one of those hidden gems? It had an excellent cast, fun plot and the soundtrack was incredible. Not to mention, this film had some good one-liners. Movies like The Monster Squad bring back those wonderful childhood memories of better times. Why should you watch it? You get all the classic monsters! Pop some popcorn and invite your friends over for a frightfully fun Friday night with The Monster Squad.

>> The Monster Squad Two-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition may still be at this link.
>> The Monster Squad Blu-ray may still be on sale at this link.

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