The Next Three Days Movie Review Blu-ray 2010 with Russell Crowe

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The Next Three Days movie review Blu-ray 2010 with Russell Crowe. Talk about a movie that people are either loving or hating online, this one is it. Is The Next Three Days a good thriller? You bet your bottom dollar it is!

There is more to this movie than meets the eye and some people will miss the solid performance of Russell Crowe, if they are not careful. This film deals with love, patience, desperation, frustration and a justice system that needs a reality check.

The Next Three Days movie is exciting and there are more than a few moments where you need to stop and catch your breath. Wait until you see the van scene!

Lara Brennan (Elizabeth Banks) plays a woman who is stuck in prison for the rest of her existence, for a crime she did not commit. Russell Crowe plays her husband John, who believes Lara did not commit the crime and that she should not do the time.

This movie really picked up pace when John started researching how he was going to get his wife out of prison. Unfortunately, searching the Internet gave him very little information, with the exception of YouTube. John finds videos on YouTube that helped give him an edge on making his plans workable. This fantastic thriller does something that most movies are not doing today and that is making you care about the characters. A big well-done to director Paul Haggis!

John realizes he is going to need an expert to advise him on the basics of setting up a prison break and he finds Damon Pennington. Damon Pennington (Liam Neeson) has broken out of prison successfully many times and written a book about it.

Neeson’s information proves to be incredibly insightful for the troubled literature professor (Russell Crowe). Crowe’s character was smart to diligently research his every move and plot out everything to the best of his ability. This movie has some crazy moments, especially when John is learning how to get passports, but even when things go wrong Crowe’s character pulls it all together.  This film is definitely the Blu-ray buy of the year!

Grade: A

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