Twilight Wins Big At The People’s Choice Awards – Go Team Cullen!

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Did you enjoy the People’s Choice Awards?  One thing is for sure and that is, the teenagers really rule when it comes to movie watching!  I happen to like the Transformer movies and Wolverine, but the “Twilight Saga” has been a real money maker, that I can’t ignore.

When I go to the movie theater to see a good movie, most of the time there are not a lot of people there, unless it’s a Twilight movie.

Parents are footing the bill for their kids to be dropped off at the movie theater and completely help fund this vampire franchise. It’s really kind of funny, but the people who are getting a good laugh are the actors who are raking in large sums of cash!

Whether or not the actors like their roles in Twilight is irrelevant, because who could say no to making a great living as a young actor today.  I’ve seen all kinds of movies bomb at the box office, but if you get a flick, that really excites millions of teenagers into a buying frenzy, you’ve got a winner!  For example, Transformers is a hot category to cash in on for the studios, but Twilight has been a smash hit!  Whether you like Twilight or not, it’s not going away!

Wow! “The Twilight Saga’s Eclipse” rules the 37th Yearly People’s Choice Awards, nevertheless its two other celebrities, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, ought to acknowledge being conquered by the incredible Johnny Depp.  Johnny Depp has a solid following that even extends into the teenage heartthrob category, which gives him a powerful edge over other male actors.  Not to mention, Depp has a lot of experience!

Adam Sandler also retained his manly-hood as being the the preferred comedic celebrity. Not surprisingly, the People’s Choice Awards winners of 2011 involved the Twilight bunch.  Eclipse was the popular choice for top movie and drama of the season, even though Robert Pattinson,  Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner ended up being the favored choices on the screen team.  The stunning Kristen Stewart seemed to be the widely beloved female film celebrity of the night.

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