Underwater Hockey Sounds Swimmingly Good

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Have you ever played underwater hockey??? When I was in high school I really wish we had co-ed underwater hockey, because my life would’ve been so much better.

I think underwater hockey would’ve been the perfect sport for The Man From Atlantis (late 70′s TV show) starring Patrick Duffy.?? What I liked about this old TV show was that Patrick Duffy played a man with an amphibious aptitude for adventure in the low depths of the sea.

Underwater hockey is a non-contact sport with two teams who face off underwater in a swimming pool and try to hit a puck into the goals. The amount of energy it takes to maneuver around the bottom of a pool hitting a puck is tremendous.?? There is no doubt that playing underwater hockey is a great workout for your body and your lungs.

What I like about underwater hockey is that you can wear Swimfins, which makes it a lot easier to move around quickly underwater.?? In order to really enjoy watching underwater hockey, you’ve got to be underwater to really see the action. I’m not sure if they have pools which are equipped with glass sides, so spectators can actually view without going underwater.

According to many different sites online who discuss underwater hockey, the original name was “Octopush”. Will underwater hockey ever gain a huge following? I’m not sure, but it definitely looks like something I would be willing to try, because I like swimming and I love hockey.

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