Winter’s Bone Movie Review – Should You See This Movie?

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I rented this movie online at and took a gamble to see if it was any good.  My gamble paid off, because I was pleasantly surprised by what I think is one of the best films of 2010.

Normally, I will look up some reviews online and see if the movie is worth watching, but it was fun going into this movie not knowing what to expect.  This movie is set in the backwoods of the Missouri Ozark mountains and filmed on location.

Ree Dolly played by Jennifer Lawrence is a 17-year-old who is fighting to keep her family life together.  She faces the ultimate challenge of taking care of her little brother, sister, and depressed mother, while never knowing what happened to her crystal meth manufacturing father.

To make matters worse she has to locate her father before his court date or her family will lose their house, that he put up for bail.  Under pressure Ree Dolly goes searching for clues of where she can find her father and she is consistently warned to keep her nose out of other people’s business.

I found myself really caring about the character of Ree Dolly and deeply appreciating her will power to never give up on her quest to find the truth!

This riveting thriller is a must see film, that has an outstanding performance by Jennifer Lawrence, who I would love to see win an Oscar for her role in this movie.  This is by no means a feel-good movie of the year, but instead puts you face to face with an ugly reality of how one young girl survives in the dangerous backwoods of the Missouri Ozark mountains.

If you are looking for a compelling story that’s off the beaten trail with great acting and beautiful photography, I believe you will enjoy this wonderful film.

Grade: A

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